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Gold Sponsorship

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Gold Sponsor of mnzle.com.

So what is it?
Gold Sponsorship invites selected businesses to showcase their business logo on the mnzle.com homepage, with a link leading back to the business' website.

This is primarily on a first-come-first-serve basis, as per the number of available / expandable logo slots.

What do I get?
By purchasing the Gold Sponsorship package, you are allowing us to feature your business' logo on our homepage, in one of the available slots, for a specified amount of time.

How long will my business' logo be featured on the homepage for?
A logo slot can be purchased for a minimum period of 30 days, to 360 days.

How much will it cost?
30 days [1000 AED] (0 AED in Savings)
90 days [2850 AED] (150 AED in Savings!)
360 days [9000 AED] (3000 AED in Savings!)

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